Hostess Dessert Cereals Are Coming to Stores |

Two Cereals Inspired By Hostess Baked Goods Are Coming to Stores Shelves


The new year is going to be a sweet one.


Starting in January, two new dessert-inspired cereals will be hitting store shelves nationwide, thanks to a partnership between Post and Hostess.


Each cereal—Hostess Donettes and Hostess Honey Bun— is inspired by a Hostess baked good. The Donettes cereal is similar to Hostess’ white powdered mini donuts, while the Honey Bun creation is essentially mini versions of the glazed treat.


Last month, Post made another special announcement, revealing that Sour Patch Kids cereal will be available in Walmart stores, starting on Dec. 26.


Hostess Dessert Cereals Are Coming to Stores |




The cereal will maintain its signature kid shape and will cost around $4 per box, Bustle reported, adding that the cereal will have a “sour coating and a sweet finish,” much like the beloved candy.



In October, Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch also came back to shelves just in time for the holiday season. The flavor is an offshoot of the original Cinnamon Toast Crunch and tastes like—you guessed it—a sugar cookie.

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