Skrei : Norway’s Prized Possession of the Sea

The Norwegian Seafood Council Collaborated with Gastronomic Academy Chef of the Year 2014 Winner, Filip Fasten to create a breathtaking campaign around Skrei.

Skrei is a seasonal Norwegian cod only available between January and April. Each year, this migratory cod swims from the Barents Sea to its spawning ground in the cold, clear waters of the Lofoten Islands, located on Norway’s north coast. From undertaking this epic journey, it means the Skrei arrive in prime condition, yielding an amazing taste and texture. To celebrate this prized species together they created a recipe booklet for which Fasten developed 5 recipes where all the ingredients are faithful to Skrei season. Chef Filip Fasten also shares his best tricks to always succeed with the fish.

Featured here are the photos for the booklet which were styled by Linda Lundgren.






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